Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello everyone I am back. I am not so consistent on this but I try so I don't forgot all the fun things we do. We have had some exciting things going on at our home. I am so excited for this summer. Rist we have already been bike riding pretty much everyday we are outside biking. We are pretty lucky we have this sweet park right across the street so I can sit on my porch drink a Diet Pepsi and still be able to watch my kids. And this is why I am not dropping baby weight so fast. This is my Little Miley May. I love her she gets in the mood to have her pictures taken and this is what they look like. I love it.
We have also had a new addition to our family. I had a new little baby. Justin Nash Hall. He was born on May 6. It was perfect. I had both my mom and mother in law there. It was so awesome to share such a joyous occasion with my moms. I love them. So now I am all even 2 girls and 2 boys.

So just to tell a little story about Justin. We could not agree on a name. So we really liked Justin, but we didn't want to have 2 Justins in the family cause Jon's cousins name is Justin. Whom we think is awesome. So we decided on Tayler. Well we got him home, and I have never felt so wierd about a babies name and I could not call my baby Tayler. I just started calling him Nash. It was so wierd. Jon was feeling the same way so we ended up changing his name to Justin. It fits him so much better. Next time we will never second guess our gut feeling.

Along with having this sweet little thing. I did a girl party for Abby's 7th birthday. We went to New Horizons Beauty School, and got their hair and nails done. They thought they were so beautiful. It was easy and fun.
Since we are on the hair subject I will note that Miley just got her 1st hair cut at age 2. I had a really hard time with this cause she has cute curls, but it worked in my favor cause it made her ends curlier. She also let her Aunt Mikelle do the honors of cutting her hair. We are so glad to have a stylist in the family. We adore her.

Well so there are a few of the highlights that have been happening. I am hoping to keep it updated more often then every 3 months. So hopefully I can do it. Until next time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So I finally have time to do a little updating. We have been super busy, and just having fun. So here is the update on our life since November. We are expecting baby number 4. I am now on light duty, which has never happened on any of my pregnancy's. I am so bored, but it gives me time to catch up on all some things.
Jon- is still working in Salt Lake it is a long drive, but we are just so grateful he has a job. He is working a lot and trying to help his wife. I don't know how he does it, but he does.
Abby - got her a new saddle for Christmas so she has been doing a lot of horse riding, and begging for more. She is so big. She is now 7 and is so excited to turn 8 to be baptized. She is so helpful around the house. She is in 1st grade and loves all her friends. She is a little on the emotional side, but it is not that bad. She is excited to be having another little brother. It is fun to share this with her. She is also getting so smart in school. Things are starting to come together for her. She loves to play school on her white board. She is so interested in animals, she only like barbies if someone else plays with her. She had a birthday party this year. Abby and her friends went to New Horizon's beauty school, and got their hair all done up, and their nails done. It was so fun. It was her idea which was nice to be different from a horse party. Our little Miley is not so little anymore. She is so hilarious. She is coming up with new things to say all the time. The other day she told me I was not the boss of her. I was in shock. She is also so opposite than Abby. She loves all girly things from princess dresses to having her nails done all the time. She does love horses just like her sister though. She is full of so much energy. She is 2 and will be 3 in July. I can not believe she is getting so big. She is fully potty trained so I still will only have 1 in diapers YAY!! The only thing is she has to go potty in every store, and I hate store bathrooms. She has them memorized so everytime we go to the store she knows right where to go. She is really close to Colton they are 2 peas in pod. They are the trouble makers when they are together, but it is cute. She is also very much Daddy's little girl. I found out that she does not do well without her daddy. She has to hear his voice at some point or she asks and asks until she finally understands that she can't see him on the days he is out late. I love it.
Colton- He is so at that fun age where he is into everything boy. From sand boxs to playing cars all the time. He is also in love with Sponge bob. He is always saying something from that show. He loves movies, and he loves to watch them on our portable DVD player. He builds huts with my table and crawls under them and watches movies. It is so funny. He is also going into Kindergarten next year which I can't believe. I cried when I got the registration thing in the mail. I will probably cry when I drop him off too. He is so smart and quick. He is a mommies boy and I love it. Jon is always complaining, but I don't care he will only kiss his mom for so long.

This was his birthday in Nov. He got a sweet bike, and loved his transformer cake. His party was so much fun. It was all about super hero's. I didn't get many pics which was sad, but it was a busy party. It was so fun to have a bunch of boys at the house.
My family is getting so big and in the 4-8 weeks we will be adding one more little boy. Abby has named him Larry, but I am for sure not naming him that . I can't wait. The baby stuff is set up and waiting. I just want him to be a healthy baby boy. And that is the update of what the Hall's have been up to in the last few months. Having lots of FUN is the only way to go!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have missed a month. We have been having quite the excitement. 1st off the best news yet we are having a baby. I know that some of you know, but it seems to be every where. We lost the baby before. So I was not expecting to be pregnant, but surprise!! We are so excited I can't wait.
I am really struggling with the fact of gaining weight since I worked so hard, and got down to lowest I have ever been, but I know the out come is so more important than my figure.
Other exiting news is coming to you in a backwards time line since I forget every time I load the pics wrong. We had an awesome halloween. Jon took the kids out all by himself while I got to greet all the little trick or treaters. You will notice in the pic that my cute fairy has a purple hand. She burnt her little hand on the stove. She is doing well, but for a little hand she had a lot of blisters.
This is Jon and I dressed for our little halloween party as Tom Hanks and Wilson. Jon came up with this idea. It was so fun. I tried to persuade him in to wearing a loin cloth, but he was not up to it.

We went to the Barnem and Bailey Circus in Salt Lake with my sister in law Michelle, and her kids. It was so much fun!!

Here is my little runner. She ran her first race by herself. She did awesome. She loves to run so she was so excited.
I can't wait for the holidays. More fun coming, and hopefully keep you up to date better.
Wish everyone lots of love cause everyone needs it. !!!